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    • Artist Spotlight: John Tejada

      Artist Spotlight: John Tejada

      Whether as Lucid Dream, Autodidact, or by his name, John Tejada’s music has been at the very top of our playlists for nearly three decades. You just know that every new release you managed to get your hands on will be great. Tejada simply never disappoints. Big shoutout to mr. Tejada – a great guy,…

    • Artist Spotlight: Jens Buchert

      Artist Spotlight: Jens Buchert

      Music is a universal language that brings people together regardless of race, nationality, class, color, or creed, and few speak it as fluently as Jens Buchert. Despite releasing music under several aliases and pseudonyms including, Hydra and Dakini Mandarava among others, one thing remains consistent about Jens Buchert: his commitment to excellence. Jens Buchert is…